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The Napping House

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

While I do enjoy the extra daylight that comes from the “Springing Forward” this time of year, I do not enjoy the loss of an hour of sleep. You can’t mess with my sleep! So I find it appropriate that Monday March 11, 2019 is designated as Napping Day. (It’s always the Monday after the return of Daylight Savings Time.) And what better book to read to celebrate than The Napping House by Audrey Wood. With its repeated text and cozy pictures, you’re sure to be napping soon.

There is nothing better than getting cozy and reading a good book before a nice afternoon nap. But who has the time to do that on a Monday when the week is new and the to-do list is long?! So I am going to go ahead and honor the holiday today! Whether you decide to read The Napping House or something else, take some time today to get cozy and read a good book. Happy Napping!

Who wants to get me one of these so I can start napping at work? Appropriately named The Ostrich Pillow, you stick your head in and forget the troubles of the day.

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