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World Penguin Day

It has been awhile since I have been able to post any ideas here because life got a little crazy, but in case you haven't noticed, it's slowed down a little here lately! In the chaos of the current world situation, I've had a few moments to take a deep breath and realized I missed being able to share some of my ideas. So here is an idea to help you celebrate one of the best holidays, in my opinion! April 25th is World Penguin Day!

That's right! Those adorable tuxedo-clad birdies get a whole day to themselves and rightly so! I mean, have you seen the videos of all the penguins taking over the zoos lately, waddling around like they own the place?! There's just something about a penguin!

My favorite penguin though has to be Tacky the Penguin. "He was an odd bird, but a nice bird to have around," author Helen Lester writes to describe him. He is loud and boisterous and kind and gentle all at the same time. He tries his best to fit in but always sticks out just a bit to make sure you see how special he is. There are quite a few books in the Tacky series and all of them make great read alouds.

If you choose to read Three Cheers for Tacky, you can make a penguin with a stiff upper beak to celebrate. All you need are chocolate sandwich cookies and Hershey's Kisses. Take one cookie and separate it. Try to leave as much of the white cream on one side as possible. This will be the penguin's belly. Take the other side of the cookie and divide it in half. Now you have two wings.

Place the wings on the belly, cream side down and add the chocolate kiss for the perfect snooty penguin beak and voila! You have a delicious edible penguin! No matter how you choose to celebrate our feathered friends on World Penguin Day, make it a waddling good time!

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