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Let’s Laugh Day

I love the random holidays calendar, the one that tells you when it’s National Fried Pickle Day or International Friend Day. Today’s day is a good one... it’s National Let’s Laugh Day. So to celebrate, have a giggle while you make up a batch of these crispy “Snicker”- doodles. (You can use this recipe It doesn’t require Cream of Tartar, in case you don’t keep that stocked in your pantry.)

While you’re waiting for them to bake, find the funniest book in your library and read it out for all to hear. A new one that I’ve just been introduced to is Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley. I was a guest reader in a friend’s classroom and this was the one she and her students chose for me to read. As you can imagine, she is quite

the jokester and the kids loved hearing me read about everything that farts. My mother would have been appalled because we weren’t even allowed to say the word fart when we were growing up. Oh how times change! Whatever book you choose though, make sure it’s one that’s at least worth a chortle or a chuckle so you can get your laughs in today.

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