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Dr. Seuss on the loose!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Marshmallows and fruit roll ups... what could be better than that?

One of my favorite weeks of the year to be a teacher was always the week we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday. Even though his birthday was technically March 2nd, we would celebrate it for a week before or a week after, because with his plethora of books, we couldn't confine him to just one day! An entire class day would be devoted to his classic The Cat in The Hat and everyone would wear the silliest hats they could find. We'd read the story and create cats with tall hats and probably talk about the -at family of words.

Another activity that I loved to do was have my students build the Cat's hat out of marshmallows and red fruit rollup strips. (You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to get red fruit rollup strips, but it is! If you'd rather create your own healthier version, check out this recipe I found.)

Once you've got your marshmallows and fruit roll up strips, all you need to do is build. Stack the marshmallows up and use the fruit strips to stabilize them and voila! You have an edible hat. If you would like to take this activity up a notch and incorporate measuring and problem solving skills, check out my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Until March 8, 2019, you can get 10% off the Cat in the Hat Math recording sheet or the Cat in the Hat certificates that you can print and hand out to reward students for embracing the Dr. Seuss celebrations. Just head over to The Storytime Café Shop.

Happy Dr. Seuss-ing!

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